About Us


Vanilla Petals creates eye-catching custom cakes, indulgent macarons, cookies, pies and much more.

Vanilla Petals is developed in 2014 by a self-taught avid baker who learnt the art of baking and cake decorating through a decade. Teena Tong is a baking enthusiast, cake artist and an event planner. In 2014, she took a life changing decision to walk away from the legal career and embark on a journey that was the start of Vanilla Petals. The following is her answer for bringing Vanilla Petals to life.

“At a birthday party, I was looking at the birthday cake which was boring, just another mass produced common cake. I thought birthdays come once a year, why not make something that could be remembered years later. I set my mind on a mission to learn about the cake-decorating regardless how busy I was. A year later I made my first cake for my son's first birthday, a 2D rabbit, followed by a rocket next year.

To me, a cake must be a medium to tell a story, be able to convey how special the occasion is and be remembered years later.

So here I am still doing what I love most and trying to capture all the elements of love in a cake.

Every Cake is Special....”