Speciality Cakes

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Lemon Lime Mousse Cake (per lb)

Lemon Lime Mousse Cake .....
HK $188.00
Ex Tax: HK $188.00

Lemon Lime Torte (per lb)

Sponge cake infused with lemon syrup, layered with tangy lemon / lime mousse, topped with lemon/lime.....
HK $188.00
Ex Tax: HK $188.00

No-Frill World's Best Carrot Cake (per lb)

Carrot Cake infused with spices, crunchy with walnuts yet moist, iced with low-sugar cream cheese fr.....
HK $200.00
Ex Tax: HK $200.00

Oreo Temptation Cheese Cake (per lb)

A dense Cheesecake with oreo crumb bites topped with luscious chocolate ganache, with one glance you.....
HK $220.00
Ex Tax: HK $220.00

Raspberry Cheesecake with Oreo crunch

HK $210.00
Ex Tax: HK $210.00

Red Bean Cheese Cake (per lb)

We are not using sugar packed canned Azuki beans. Instead we make our own low sugar Azuki bean compo.....
HK $205.00
Ex Tax: HK $205.00

Riesling Pear Torte (per lb)

HK $230.00
Ex Tax: HK $230.00

Tiramisu Strawberry Cake

HK $270.00
Ex Tax: HK $270.00

Tropical Fruit Torte (per lb)

A twist between berries and troipical fruits of the season (lychee, Rambutans and Pomegranate), laye.....
HK $260.00
Ex Tax: HK $260.00

Ultimate Tiramisu Cake (per lb)

Lady Fingers biscuits soaked in coffee liqueur infused espresso, layered with lightly sweetened masc.....
HK $225.00
Ex Tax: HK $225.00

White Chocolate Cake (per lb)

HK $198.00
Ex Tax: HK $198.00

White Chocolate Cake with Berries (per lb)

Fresh Cream and white Chocolate Cheesecake with graham cracker base, topped with fruits of your choi.....
HK $220.00
Ex Tax: HK $220.00